Damien Serban is born in Paris, France, in 1982.

He graduates from the Applied Arts Superior Institute of Paris in 2003 (with honors), during his studies he directs the short films Epines (3D animation) and Le Cosmos dans une Assiette de P�tes (mixed media), with Yann Bertrand, and Chut.... (3D animation).

After his studies he starts putting into practice the pursuit of a "raw" 3D animation, leaving the polygons apparent as well as the architectures and even the errors made by the software ; resulting in his first independent project, Chrysalide (2005 - directed with Y. Bertrand). This film, distributed by Autour de Minuit, is broadcast in many international festivals and exhibited in 2010 at the Lille Museum of Fine Arts as part of the exhibition "e-motion graphique" (combining drawings from the 16th to the 20th century and contemporary animation films).

He goes on exploring software flaws in order to better serve a sensory expression which is specific to digital creation, a few short films and experiments are born of these questionings.

In 2008 he finishes Silken with Y. Bertrand, this film is produced by Autour de Minuit and is supported by Arte, the CNC and Arcadi. Short film shot in HD and digitally tortured, Silken explores the feeling of a man who remained in his mother's womb. It is shown internationally, receives the "Special Prize of the Prisdecourts Festival" in Paris and is broadcast several times on Arte.

Following this collaboration, Arte (in partnership with the Pocket Film Festival and the Forum des Images) offers Yann and Damien to direct a film entirely with a cell phone. Asomnie (2009), more narrative, more cinematographic, confronts the low resolution image of the phone with very precise shots and thorough special effects, making an hybrid film in between story-telling and abstraction. It also travels to many festivals and earns a special mention of the jury at the "Semana Experimental de Madrid".

In 2013, he works for live dance shows, creating images that react in realtime with the movements of dancers, their flesh becoming the screen of augmented projections. The show Sens Fiction is supported by the CCN de Cr�teil and the MPAA, and the project Introscope obtains a residency at the Ga�t� Lyrique, where it is shown for the first time at the TedX Paris, november 2013.

Today he is starting work on new projects "always with the same desire of a sensorial cinema which uses new technologies as a palette rather than tools, which tried to explore what could be the picturality of the computer image".

The portrait above is a photograph by Eva Colpacci.

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